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Cascade Effect is a metal band that came together as a result of an unforeseen chain of events. The band's name is a nod to the true definition of a cascade effect, where a small initial event sets off a chain reaction of events that grows larger and larger over time. This concept resonated deeply with the members of Cascade Effect, as their own journey to forming the band was a series of unexpected turns and serendipitous moments. The band's story begins with the vocalist, Dustin Keimig, and drummer, Seth Roscamp, who were ex-members of the San Diego metal band, Aghori. After their departure from the band, they felt lost and unsure of their future in the music industry. The two have been best friends and band mates since they were young kids running around the cul-de-sac together, and knew that whatever happened, they would forge a new path together.

During the bands initial phases, bass player, Bobby Fernandez, an ex-member of the San Diego metal band “Symbolic” joined the fray. Bobby’s raw talent, experience and positive attitude significantly added to the band’s lineup and set it on a new course.

As fate would have it, talented lead guitarist, Shaun Frude, also an ex-member of Aghori, joined the conversation. Shaun had played with multiple bands in the past, including The Abuse and Sons on Fire, but he was also at a crossroads in his musical career. The four of them knew that they needed to create something new, and thus, Cascade Effect was born, and they began to make music that was deep, heavy and thought-provoking.

Shortly after, the second guitarist Alec Peterson, another talented guitarist and member of multiple great San Diego music groups including Naranaca and Groove is in the Heart, had expressed interest in seeing what this new original project was all about. He crushed his audition and joined the fold soon after. He has contributed greatly to the band’s sound and direction ever since.

As they began writing and playing together, the band found that their music embodied the very concept of the cascade effect. Each member brought their unique experiences and talents to the table, and the resulting sound was a powerful force that grew stronger with every song they wrote and rehearsed. Cascade Effect’s music is a combination of influences rooted in Groove Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Nu Metal, Djent and Progressive Metal. The resulting product is a deep, heavy, driving, melodic and cerebral experience, reflecting the band’s journey to come together and create something special. From the hard-hitting rhythms and shredding guitar solos to the haunting vocals and lyrics, their music captures the raw energy and emotion that Metal fans crave. Cascade Effect’s music is a reflection of their journey, one that was filled with unexpected twists and turns. As they continue to write, record, and perform, Cascade Effect is poised to become a force to be reckoned with in the San Diego metal scene and beyond. Each member’s experiences and struggles have contributed to the band’s unique sound, and their music is a testament to the power of the Cascade Effect.


On playoff Sunday, Cascade Effect was able to pack The Holding Co. in Ocean Beach! This was just their second show ever. I missed their debut, so this was my first time seeing them. If you’ve ever been to Ocean Beach, you know parking is a bit of a challenge. It’s been years since I’ve been to OB, so I forgot about that part. We swooped in on a spot just a few blocks away and walked in right after they took the stage. I have been privy to some sneak peek demos and know a bit of the struggles and dedication that went into putting this band together. I think they found the perfect band chemistry.

This may have only been their second show together, but they play like they’ve been together for decades with their energy exploding off the tiny stage.

Debut Single

We have released our very first single! Check out “DIRGE” by Cascade Effect on all Major Platforms. This is the first of many songs we will be releasing in 2024. “DIRGE” was written and recorded by Cascade Effect, Mixed by Matthew Denis & Mastered by Miro Kiiski at “Miro Mastering”.

We worked very hard on this and would love to see what you guys think. Take a listen and hit us up on Social Media and drop a comment. Thank you!

Dustin, Seth, Bobby, Shaun & Alec

-Cascade Effect

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If you haven’t already, check out our latest single “Dirge”. Streaming on all playforms! #metal #newsingle #cascadeeffectband #yar
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Cascade Effect

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